Quick & Easy: One Pot Taco Quinoa

I’m alllllll about healthy and easy dinners. This one takes about 30ish minutes to make and it’s full of veggies! You can change things to your taste and dietary needs, meaning you can make it totally vegan by taking the cheese and chicken out! I got this recipe from Mind Over Munch!


First, in a pot or deep pan over medium-high heat add olive oil then your onion, bell pepper and garlic (exact measurements on Mind Over Munch). While your veggies are softening, let’s get the other veggies ready for roasting!



Make sure your oven is preheated to 375-400F. In a baking dish, add your favorite veggies. Today I’m using broccoli and zucchini. After adding your veg to the dish, add some oil! I’m using coconut oil spray, but you can use a small amount of olive oil if that’s what you have on hand! Then I’m adding salt and pepper. You can add any other seasonings you want, but salt and pep is perfect for me! Next, put them in the oven for 20-25 minutes, or until they’re roasted to your liking. Make sure to take them out halfway and stir them around so nothing burns or gets stuck!




Once your onions are translucent and soft, add black beans, corn, tomatoes (or salsa), quinoa, seasoning and broth! For seasonings, I’m using cumin, chili powder, salt, and pepper. Add the seasoning BEFORE the broth, then combine everything, THEN add the broth. Today I’m using chicken broth, but if you want to keep this vegan/vegetarian use veg broth. You could use water, but broth just adds tons of flavor. Stir to combine again after the broth is added and wait for it to come to a boil. Then, turn the heat down to a simmer and cover. Leave it until your quinoa is cooked, around 20 minutes!


After 20 minutes, stir your quinoa mix around. Make sure all of the liquid is absorbed, if it’s not add a few more minutes. While it was finishing cooking, I added some cheese and covered it again and set aside to wait for it to melt and for the liquid to absorb. While that’s happening, I heated some grilled chicken breast up. We bought the strips that were already cooked, but they were refrigerated so needed to be heated. I just decided to heat them on the stove, but if you really wanted to minimize on dishes, just pop them in the microwave until hot.

Lastly, plate your food! You could add avocado slices to the top along with other of your favorite toppings! I added a small amount of Siracha to this before eating! The veggies roasted perfectly, they were crisp and full of flavor. This also keeps well in the fridge as left overs or as meal prep for the week!

For all exact measurements and nutrition facts, head over to Mind Over Munch!

Thanks for reading!



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