Get Ready For A Change!

Hey everyone!

As I’m sure you’ve probably noticed (????) I’ve been pretty absent the past few weeks. I could go on and on about different excuses as to why I haven’t uploaded anything, but none of them really matter. The point is, I haven’t posted anything. And I am so sorry about that!

But, I’ve been thinking about trying to get on an upload schedule. I want to try to post 5 days a week (mon-fri) and try to make AT LEAST 2 of those posts videos. The rest will be written (with my usual high quality photos attached).

I’m in a new place (physically and mentally), so I’m really ready to dive in headfirst into my blog and YT channel.

Thank you everyone for being patient and awesome in the past because of my random uploads. Hopefully from here on out, there will be a new post daily!



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