Make Up Basics (Quickie): How To Clean Brushes (With 2 Things You Have In Your Kitchen)

Hi all! So, one of the important and basic things to learn about make up is cleaning your brushes. For me, I hate to spend upwards of $20 on a brush cleaner that I’ll use to clean my arsenal of brushes and get maybe 2 or 3 uses out of it. Instead, I’ve been cleaning my brushes with only two things that are always in my kitchen-dish soap and olive oil.

I know what you’re thinking, just dish soap? And olive oil? That’s it? I’m here to say, YEP! That’s all you’ll need. In the images below I’m using a plate and a bowl of water to clean my brushes, but normally you’d clean them under running water.

So, why soap and oil? Basically, the soap will strip the hairs of your brushes and get out all of the pigment and disinfect them (because if you use them on your dishes and trust they’re clean, why would you not think your brushes would be clean?) Then the oil will replenish and rehydrate the hairs. This is something painters have done forever so I’ve adopted it as my brush cleaning routine!

It’s not rocket science or anything, just pour the soap onto one side of your plate and oil onto the other side. Then, you’ll pick up some soap then oil on the brush and rub it back and forth on the plate first then on the palm of your hand under running water. You do this until the water runs clear and there is no pigment left in the hairs of your brush! This technique works with real or synthetic hair brushes! I’ve heard using baby shampoo works just as well, but I haven’t ever tried it. This is my favorite technique because it’s easy and cheap and you already have the stuff in your home! No need to go out and buy anything special. This works with any size or shape brush! It’s so easy. Just remember! After you’ve cleaned your brushes make sure to store them bristle side DOWN. If you can’t hang them upside down, you can lay them on their sides and a STEEP angle. If you store them with the hairs up, the excess water will run into the barrel and loosen the glue and make the hairs shed. If the hairs shed, you’ll have to replace your brushes more often. So, store them as upside down as you can get them!




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