“Mature” Skin Make Up Tutorial (feat. My MOM)

While visiting my mom last weekend, I convinced her to let me do her make up and do a tutorial. Going in, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I ended up going for a heavier look. Depending on your personal preference this could be perfect for everyday, but for my mom this was her “night out” look. Enjoy! (also, PLEASE excuse my chipped nails)



Starting out with a clean and moisturized face, I used the Dark Spot Correcting Primer from Hard Candy all over the face. I focused it in 2 areas though. The “problem” areas and around the nose and under the eyes. Under the eyes and around the nose was where the pores were, so I pushed product in instead of swiping it across the face. This helps fill in the pores and lets the foundation go on smoother. If you have large pores, try finding a pore filing primer, like Porefessional by Benefit.


The next step is eyebrows! This is obviously very personal. The way I did the brows were much more full than my mom usually does for her everyday look, but for a night out or special occasion, a darker and more bold brow will work. Also, for women (or men, whatevs) who aren’t 20 anymore, having a fuller brow helps you look more youthful. For this, I decided to use my DipBrow pomade from Anastasia, Revlon ColorStay concealer with a concealer brush around the brows and a clear brow gel to keep the hairs in place all night long. I know the brows look too bold and over powering right now, but that’s because the rest of the face is bare. At the end, it will all blend together seamlessly!


Next, I’m using the Urban Decay Anti-Aging eye primer. For me, I usually don’t use an eye primer, but if you have oily lids or if you have a problem with your eyeshadows not lasting all day with just concealer, a primer works wonders. It’s also a good idea to use something like this that is anti-aging so you can have those ingredients working all day.


For eyeshadows today, the only palette I brought with me was my Gwen Stefani palette by Urban Decay, so it’s what we used. But any neutral colors work just fine! Starting out, I used a flesh tone color all over the lid and brow bone. This helped to set the primer and take the tackiness away. If you were to go right into the crease while the primer (or concealer) was still tacky, it would drag and leave skip marks on the lids and it would result in making the crease muddy and not well blended. So, you can use any eyeshadow that matches your skin tone, or you can use your face powder. Next, I used the three brown shades in the middle of the palette for the crease. I used the lightest brown first and blended it up towards the brow. The darker two I focused more in the crease to deepen the eyes. I also used the darkest brown on the outer corner. I also used a grey in the outer corner and the burgundy shade in the outer corner and in the crease. Avoid using a black eyeshadow on the eyes since it can be too harsh. Stick with grey, dark browns, and burgundy’s. --695.jpg--697.jpg--700.jpg

I then moved onto the face. I did the face make up last because I wanted to be able to clean up any fallout on the face. If you did your foundation and concealer first and had fallout, it would be harder to clean up later and it would add to any darkness you have under your eyes. So, do your face make up last. I used a heavier foundation to cover up uneven skin tones. Also, with concealer, I only had a lighter shade so I used it in the normal highlight shades. But, instead of bringing it right up to the lash line, I put it under any puffiness under the eyes. If you put a light concealer on the bag, it’ll only highlight that area and make it more prominent, so if you highlight under it and slightly blend up, but still not to the lash line, it’ll help give the illusion of a flatter under eye area.


I then used my Coty Airspun Extra Coverage Translucent powder with a powder puff on the face. I also focused it on the jaw line. This helps to sharpen and clean up the bronzer later and helps to sharpen the jawline.


I then used a liquid eyeliner only on the outer corner. This helps to lift the eye. Try to avoid a flick, or cat eye, if your skin moves. It’ll be difficult to accomplish, and it will also not be smooth. If you want to do a cat eye look, try using eyeshadow and an angled brush. It will be more forgiving. Also, don’t try to flick it up very dramatically. Just a slight flick will also help lift your eyes.


I then used a rosy pink blush and Champagne Pop highlighter. I also used a bronzer, but it’s not pictured here. Using the blush, try to avoid putting it on the apples. Putting it in a sweeping motion upwards toward the top of the ear will help bring the face back and make it look slimmer and lifted. Try thinking 80’s blush toned down by 90%. Use your bronzer lightly under your blush and around your temples. This will warm your face up and help slim it down. Highlight the tops of the cheek bones and inner corners and nose bridge. This brings a youthful glow to your face. --716.jpg

I’m then using a deep berry red shade on the lips. It’s a subtle shade, but it still brightens the face more than a nude does. If you have a bright red or pink, it’ll do the same. As long as it isn’t a nude, it’ll help brighten your face. And the brighter the color and brighter the face, the more youthful you’ll look.


Also not pictured, Better Than Sex mascara and medium brown, grey, and burgundy on the lower lash line.


That’s the finished look! Adding a slight shimmery shade on the inner part of the lid will help brighten the eyes and help them not look so dark. You can use your highlighter on that area, or any shimmery eyeshadow. I hope you enjoyed this night out look! It’s a pretty simple look! It helps make you look bright and youthful without making you spend a ton of time on it. Depending on how much make up you personally like to wear day-to-day, this is also a great look for everyday. If you took the grey out and used a light hand on the burgundy, it would be good for everyday. If this is too heavy for you, just pull this look out for a night out on the town 😉


2 thoughts on ““Mature” Skin Make Up Tutorial (feat. My MOM)

  1. Beautiful job and beautiful model. Tips very helpful dealing with bags, pores and primers . I used your info on eye shadow and liner and saw a big deference. Thank you


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